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Sartorius has evolved from a small workshop for mechanical instruments into an international group of high-tech companies with more than 8,000 employees. Yet our multinational corporation has retained the essence of what defines us as a group: close cooperation with our customers and alliance partners, our cosmopolitan outlook, regional roots and a people-focused corporate culture.

Sartorius works for sectors that are required to meet high quality and safety standards. Close relationships with customers as our partners are therefore the foundation of our business. Such bonds built upon trust are more important to us than short-term profits. By collaborating closely with scientific institutes and universities, Sartorius remains at the forefront of the latest developments and, as a technology leader, sets the standards in many market segments. In fact, ever since it was founded, our company has always fostered open exchange with the scientific community, helping it to move forward.

Long-term relationships, enjoyment shared while working together, exchange of ideas as equals – all this is also part of everyday work inside Sartorius. It is no surprise that the strong identification of Sartorians with their company is a common thread woven throughout its history. In Germany, for instance employees stay with us around 14 years on average.

In autumn 2013, Sartorius conducted its first Group-wide employee survey. Both the response rate and overall Evaluation were clearly above those of comparable studies, underscoring the high engagement of Sartorius staff. We plan to repeat the employee survey exercise at regular intervals in future to enable us to identify changes over time and investigate their significance.

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