Sartorius Viral Vectors Platform

Single-Use Technologies and Associated Services to Address the Process Development and Productions Needs of Manufacturers of Viral Vectors

Sartorius technologies are ideally suited for the production of viral vaccines, vectors and gene therapies. They allow end-to-end, single-use processing of viruses from process development through to commercial manufacturing at the 2000 L-scale. Manufacturers of virus-related products are benefiting from our unique upstream and downstream technologies, analytics and services including our process development consultancy, cost modelling and process engineering capabilities.

Recombinant viral vectors are used in a growing number of vaccine applications, and bring new perspective in the prevention of infectious diseases. The use of viral vectors enable intracellular antigen expression and illicit a strong immune response in patients. They also allow a platform approach for various vaccine indications.

The growing number of viral vectors used as clinical therapeutics will require scalable commercial upstream and downstream processes to be developed and optimized to ensure that critical quality attributes (CQAs) are retained.

Implementing Process-Scale Adenovirus Purification

Read how single-use platform accelerate vaccine development and manufacturing.

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Adenovirus Downstream Process Intensification at GSK

Learn how GSK implemented a membrane adsorber to intensify adenovirus purification.

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Learn more about how vaccine developers can accelerate their timelines and develop highly efficient viral vector processes.

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ambr 15® for High Throughput Upstream Process Development

A valuable tool for suspension adaptation of viral vector production cell lines, media development and viral vector screening.

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ambr®250 Modular for Upstream Process Development and Optimization

A modular bioreactor system for rapid determination of critical parameters, i.e. timing of host cell line transfection or multiplicity of infection.

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Bioreactors and Fermenters from 100 mL up to 2,000 L.

BIOSTAT® STR for Cell Expansion and Viral Vectors Production

A single-use bioreactor family and an ideal platform for your flexible manufacturing facility supporting fed-batch and continuous processes.

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Sartobind® Membrane Chromatography for Viral Vectors Purification

A membrane adsorber technology ideally suited for the purification of viral vectors.

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Virus Counter for Rapid Virus Quantification

A unique automated platform for real-time tracking of viral particles and quantification of total intact virus particles.

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Take a Look at ABL Europe’s New Production Facility for the GMP Manufacture of Viral Vectors from Non-Adherent Cell Cultures – Supported by Sartorius Stedim Biotech

“Our new state-of-the-art viral vector productions suite contains a single-use, fully disposable production line. [...] Sartorius delivered the project exactly on-time and according to our expectations. It all ran very smoothly and we received good support during qualification.”
 Patrick Mahieux, General Manager of ABL.

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