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Sartorius offers a wide array of liquid and powder media products along with the expertise to scale up your media needs from clinical trials to commercial production based on the proven Lonza media range. Cell culture media on demand eliminate unnecessary storage and reduce your facility footprint. Benefit from optimized media and buffers for your specific cell line and downstream processing operation requirements.

Powerful Media Solutions for High Titer CHO Cultures

Serum-Free, Chemically Defined Media Platform Optimized for Antibody Production

Maximize your antibody titer in your CHO fed-batch process with our new serum and protein-free media. We can offer media feeds PowerCHO(R) advance , PowerFeed advance or PowerCHO®-2 and PowerFeed A or Xtreme Feed. Combine your selected media with with our ambr® 15 high throughput multiparallel minibioreactor system and DoE media optimization software solutions to achieve outstanding results in no time. Our media experts will help you to reach your targets.

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Sartorius Custom Media Solutions

Flexibility and Customization

Are you looking for a partner that can manufacture your own cell culture media formulation? We can support you with liquid media in containers ranging from 1 L bottles to 1,000 L bags and powder media in package sizes of up to 20 kg. Benefit from the largest powder batch size in the market of up to 7 tons per batch. Do you want to optimize your cell culture medium or develop your own formulation? Our R&D specialists can do that for you! Or use our CHOptimizer development platform to optimize your medium for your specific cell line in your own lab with the support of our experts.

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Complete Solutions for your Media Demands


We deliver your cell culture media including product specific packaging, documentation and full regulatory support. With two manufacturing sites in Europe and the US and strong supplier assurance, we meet your business continuity demands. Regardless if you work with liquid media in bags or powder medium solutions. With our solutions for media preparation consisting of powder media in different formats, single-use bags for mixing and storage from 50 L up to 3,000 L and a broad range of sterile, mycoplasma and virus retentive filters, we will find the optimum solution for your process needs.

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Your Biomanufacturing Solutions Partner

Rapid and cost-effective single-use / hybrid solutions from early phase development through scale-up to commercial manufacturing.

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