Microbiological Quality Control for Food & Beverage

Ensure the highest quality of your products with Sartorius equipment and consumables for microbiological quality control of beverages to detect product spoilage microorganisms.

Exceptional user friendliness, excellent quality of tests and outstanding cost-effectiveness are key factors of the products.

Microbial Enumeration

Our products are designed to facilitate the quick analysis of samples and streamline your workflow to produce fast, efficient and reliable results.

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Air Monitoring

Active monitoring of air quality becomes increasingly important or even mandatory. Keep the production environment controlled with Sartorius...

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Rapid Testing

Reliable and easy-to-use products for membrane filtration with subsequent DNA isolation to ensure the accuracy of your results.

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Exceptional User-Friendliness

As a lab technician, you are counted on to perform hundreds of tests per day, which potentially causes physical stress. With this understanding, total ease and ergonomics are key factors that drive the development of our products to ensure operator convenience and stress-free use.

Excellent Quality of Results

Finding contaminants in beverages directly impacts product safety and potentially consumer health. It is essential for you to be able to rely on the quality of your results. That‘s why it is our priority to supply products that will ensure reliability – test after test.

Outstanding Cost-Effectiveness 

When handling highly repetitive processes and heavy workloads, your time and financial resources are limited. We optimize your process and focus on your specific needs.

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