Sartorius Filtration Housings for the Beverage Industry

Sartorius Stedim Biotech filter housings for the Food & Beverage Industry were developed for sanitary beverage filtration applications, including beer, wine & spirits, mineral | bottled water, carbonated soft drinks and non-carbonated soft drinks.

Thanks to their optimized design, our housings are exceptionally easy to clean for thorough results and can be in-line steam sterilized as a complete unit.

Filter Housings for Cartridges

Sartorius filter housings are designed for sanitary beverage filtration applications.

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Lenticular Filter Housings

Sartorius lenticular filter housings were developed for liquid filtration applications.

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Filtration Consumables for Food and Beverage

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Microbiological Quality Control for Food and Beverage

Sartorius provides you with proper tools for microbiological quality control to detect spoiling microorganisms. This ensures the highest quality.

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