Beverage Filtration Equipment

Find your filtration skids and filter housings with Sartorius! We provide you with the perfect equipment for your customized beverage applications – no matter how complex they may be.

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Industrial filtration skids & CIP systems

Dedicated to filtration processes before bottling or Bag-In-Box lines. Three ranges are available: manual, semi-automated or fully automated.

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Manual filtration skids & CIP system - Essential range

Designed for the clarification and/or micro-organisms retention before bottling up to 5000 bottles/hour. It can be connected to a CIP System.

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Sartocheck® Mini

Filter Integrity Tester for Food & Beverage Applications

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Sartorius filter housings were developed for sanitary beverage filtration applications.

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Your Data

Explore Sartorius Expertise in Filtration for Food and Beverage


Filtration Consumables for Food and Beverage

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Data Analytics in Food and Beverage

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Microbiological Quality Control for Food and Beverage

Sartorius provides you with proper tools for microbiological quality control to detect spoiling microorganisms. This ensures the highest quality.

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