Effective Filtration and High Throughput with Sartopure® PP3 / IND / Jumbo Star

Sartopure® PP3 / IND / Jumbo Star cartridges are the filters of choice to clarify by filtration wines, spirits, fruit juices, soft drinks or other beverages and optimal protection of final membrane filters!

Constructed from several filtration layers of pleated polypropylene, the cartridges ensure retention of contaminants to prevent the filter area from clogging too quickly.

More information:

Sartopure® IND

Sartopure® PP3

Jumbo Star Sartopure®

  • Excellent throughput and high retention capacity. 
  • Stable filtration matrix to prevent particles release
  • Resistant to heat sterilization (steam or hot water) 
  • Resistance to sterilization and chemical regeneration (pH between 1 and 14)
  • Validation guide available 
  • Quality assurance certificate supplied in each box of cartridges 
  • filter conforms to the EU regulation 1935/2004/EC and FDA, meet CFR title21

Available pore sizes : 0.45µm ; 0.65µm ; 1.2µm ; 3µm ; 5µm ; 8µm ; 20µm ; 50µm ; 100µm

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