Filter Cartridge with High Adsorption Capacity:Sartopure® GF plus

Sartopure® GF+ cartridges are built with several layers of positively charged fiberglass (positive zeta potential) for the retention of colloids and clarification of liquids. The filters are particularly suitable for the clarifying filtration of wine, spirits, fruit juices, soft drinks or other beverages and optimal protection of final membrane filters!

  • Real retention rating defined with an efficiency > 99.9% 
  • Retention of colloids. 
  • Resistant to heat sterilization (steam or hot water) 
  • Validation guide available 
  • Quality assurance certificate supplied in each box of cartridges
  • filter conforms to FDA, meet CFR title21

Available pore sizes: 0.65 μm and 1.2 μm

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