Sartorius Filtration & Microbiological Solutions for Wine Production

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Sartorius filtration systems stand for high throughput, durability and error-free operation, as well as the highest quality and microbiological purity of your products. Specifically designed for wine, our dedicated product ranges provide an optimal solution for every filtration step all the way to final filtration. Along with our products' intelligent design combining manual and automatic systems, we ensure safe, reliable and optimized wine production. Benefit from our expertise and experience to obtain the best quality and throughput rates in your production and filling processes.

Wine Filtration Equipment

Multiple Objectives for the Prefiltration of Your Wine

Prefilters are available as standard filter cartridges, filter modules or filter sheets for particle retention, clarification and protection.

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Sterile Filtration of Your Wine

A wide range of innovative filtration solutions for efficient purification and sterilization in the beverage industry.

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Minimal Filtration of Wine-Spoilage Microbes

A wide range of filter cartridges, filter modules, and filter sheets have been developed using high quality materials.

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Filtration of Wine Samples

MidiCaps filtration capsules simplify the filtration of wine samples and keep intact the organoleptic characteristic of your wines.

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Measuring the Clogging Index of Wines

Before filtration, it is key to check the clogging index (CI) of wines to determine filterability and evaluate the Kieselguhr filtration quality.

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Filtration Consumables for Food and Beverage

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Filtration Equipment for Food and Beverage

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Microbiological Quality Control for Food and Beverage

Sartorius provides you with proper tools for microbiological quality control to detect spoiling microorganisms. This ensures the highest quality.

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