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The Vero cell line is used for various purposes, most importantly for the production of cell culture-based viral vaccines. Reasons for the extensive use of the Vero cell line are the consistent high viral yields and susceptibility to infect a mutiple range of viruses, as well as relatively easy adaptation for growth in bioreactors on microcarriers, thus allowing up-scaling without loss of cell productivity.

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NutriVero™ Flex 10 - 500mL Bottle


The NutriVero&trade Flex10 Medium is the next-generation chemically defined serum-free, animal component-free medium, newly developed to support Vero cell growth in monolayers as well as in microcarriers suspension culture systems and optimized for the productionof viruses.
The NutriVeroTM Flex10 medium, is a complete ready-to-use liquid formulation, no supplements need to be added to this medium prior to use.