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PMA.Vision for use in Ex zone 2, 30 m

PMA.Vision paint-mixing scale with a 7,500 g weighing capacity and a 0.1 g resolution for use in Zone 1 (Class I, Div 1) hazardous areas; includes Ex Link converter with connecting cable (10 m | 33 ft.), incl. in-use covers for display, column and pan. USB plug-in adapter AC adapter set (US, EU, UK).

Item no.:  VIS1Y4

Availability:  Discontinued


Get ready for the future in paint mixing: The Sartorius PMA.Vision mixing station will greatly simplify your future work processes!

Accelerate your color search and order entry by a location-independent, Web-based software solution and data management. Mix jobs can easily and conveniently be managed by a mobile tablet or smartphone. In this way, data transmission is quickly and efficiently stored on a data server and can then be used for an automated warehouse management, such as inventory control and VOC tracking.

The integrated mix-module of PMA.Vision handles process mixed orders (queued jobs) independently of PC.

Design your processes forward-focused and economically - the PMA.Vision will inspire you.

  • No dedicated PC/Terminal in the mixing area needed
  • Smaller investment: Lower installation cost
  • Ease of installation-Simpler cabling
  • Easy to clean: Tempered edge-glass display and optional in-use protective covers
  • Mixing process does not need to be supported by color software
  • Mobile data processing

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