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Moisture Meter LMA110

Mark3 LTE is a flexible moisture analyzer system with a resolution of 0.01% moisture for labs and production facilities. With its multi-module operation with up to two heating units it allows parallel measurements of different samples saving additional time and giving unknown flexibility.

Start with one of our sets consisting of control and heating unit with or without printer and keep the option to expand it later.


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Mark3 LTE Moisture Analyzer including printer


1 Pieces
Data Printer
Thermal printer, built-in
Mark3 LTE Moisture Analyzer
Mark3 LTE Moisture Analyzer
Item no.: LMA110-SET


1 Pieces
Data Printer

Application Note

Moisture Analysis in the chemical industry
en 165.6 kB
Moisture Analysis in food
en 196.7 kB
Feuchtebestimmung in Lebensmitteln
de 195.5 kB


Mark 3 LTE Feuchtebestimmer — modularer Infrarot-Feuchtebestimmer mit Quarzstrahler
de 376.4 kB
Mark 3 LTE Moisture Analyzer — Modular Infrared Moisture Analyzer with Quartz Radiator
en 376.0 kB


Feuchtebestimmung in der chemischen Industrie
de 164.6 kB