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Octet® SPR COOH1 Sensor Chip

The Octet® SPR COOH1 sensor chip is comprised of a 2D planar, carboxylated oligoethylene oxide surface which can be used to create a highly stable covalent bond between the sensor chip and desired ligand. The lack of 3D matrix results in a low binding capacity which allows interactions to take place closer to the sensor chip surface. The potential for non-specific binding to positively charged analytes is decreased due to lack of a carboxymethylated dextran matrix. These sensor chips can also be used if interactions are affected by the presence of lectin or dextran.  

Top Features of the Octet® SPR COOH1 Sensor Chip: 

  • Low binding capacity
  • Covalent coupling
  • Matrix length from gold surface: ~2 nm
  • Minimal distance between analyte and planar surface for highly sensitive interactions

Popular Applications for the Octet® SPR COOH1 Sensor Chip: 

  • Intermediate and large molecules
  • Kinetics

Item no.:  19-0053

Price (USD):  $360.00


* 24 Hours Turnaround Time

Octet® SPR sensor chips have been specifically designed to allow generation of robust and reproducible results for every application – from large molecules, molecular complexes, viruses or whole cells to small molecules or antibody fragments.

The Octet® SPR COOH1 sensor chip can be used for whole cell, virus particle and multivalent or large analyte assays. Its matrix-free surface makes it optimal for large molecular weight analytes.


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