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Octet® SPR Carboxymethyl Dextran High Capacity (CDH) Sensor Chip

Suitable for almost all Octet® SPR assays, the Octet® SPR CDH sensor chip is comprised of a 3D carboxymethylated dextran matrix sensor chip surface. Molecules of interest can be covalently bound to the surface using a range of different amine, aldehyde, thiol or carboxyl functional chemical groups. The Octet® SPR CDH sensor chip is one of the most widely used Octet® SPR sensor chips due to its versatility and high binding capacity, making it suitable for many diverse applications from small fragment research to large, complex molecular structures

Item no.:  19-0128

Price:  $350.00


Octet® SF3 SPR Sensor Chips


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    • Kinetics
    • Screening
    • Affinity
    • Low molecular weight binding


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