Octet® Kinetics Buffer 10X

Sartorius’ Octet® Kinetics Buffer 10X (10x KB) is essential for kinetics applications performed on the Octet® platform with Octet® biosensors.

Key Features of Octet® Kinetics Buffer 10X

  • Optimized buffer matrix to be used in kinetics assays
  • Compatible with all Octet® biosensors and Octet® systems

Top Applications for Octet® Kinetics Buffer 10X

  • Kinetics assays on the Octet platform

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The Octet® Kinetics Buffer 10X is necessary for kinetics assays. Kinetics Buffer solutions are required at various steps throughout the assay process. Having enough buffer on hand is critical for ensuring your kinetics assays continue without interruption or issue.

Maintaining pH Levels

Maintaining the appropriate, desired pH level during complex, multi-step kinetics assays is essential for good data quality and results. Best results are obtained when all matrices are matched as closely as possible across multiple assay steps.

Use Throughout Kinetics Assay

Buffer solution, like the Kinetics Buffer 10X, is perhaps the most common and widely used solution in kinetics experiments, necessary for dilution, optimization and other purposes. It is used in pre-hydration, hydration, biosensor priming, loading and multiple steps from baseline, association and dissociation. It is crucial during regeneration (i.e., cycling regeneration buffer and kinetics buffer during regeneration steps).

Compatibility with Octet® Platforms and Biosensors

The Kinetics Buffer solution is essential for kinetics assays on the Octet® platform and is compatible with all Octet® biosensors.

Diluting to 1X Kinetics Buffer

Several biosensors and kinetics assays require a more diluted solution of Kinetics Buffer. Often, 1X Kinetics Buffer is recommended. It should be prepared by diluting the Octet® Kinetics Buffer 10X 10-fold, with 1X PBS, pH 7.4.

Use Buffer as Reference Sample

Octet® Kinetics Buffer 10X can be used as a reference sample when dealing with subtraction of baseline drift. A reference sample is a buffer-only control with no analyte present. Using a reference sample in the association step can help correct for baseline downward drift.


  • Application
    • Quantitation
    • Kinetics
    • Impurity Testing

Compliance Information

  • GMP Kits


  • Device/Instrument Compatibility
    • Octet® N1
    • Octet® R2
    • Octet® R4
    • Octet® R8
    • Octet® RED96e
    • Octet® RH16
    • Octet® RH96

Product Information

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Octet® Sample Diluent
Item no.


Octet sample dilution buffer for quantitation assays, 50mL. Contains Kathon.

Octet® ProA Calibrator Set


Octet® ProA Calibrator Set is intended for the calibration of the Octet® ProA Biosensors and generation of a standard curve for IgG titer measurement. The set includes 8 calibrators with IgG concentrations ranging from 1 – 700 ug/mL