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Octet® Anti-CHO Host Cell Protein (HCP) Detection Kit

Host Cell Protein Detection Kit for the quantitation of residual CHO host cell proteins in bioprocess samples. Assay kits include 1 tray of 96 biosensors coated with Cygnus 3G anti-CHO HCP antibody, and all calibrators, reagents, and buffers necessary to analyze 96 HCP samples on all current Octet systems. 10% Discount on packs of 5 kits.

Item no.:  18-5081

Price:  $1,072.00

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  • Application
    Impurity Testing

Product Information

  • Pack Size
  • Primary Product Type
    BLI Biosensor
Octet® Biosensor Transfer Tool
Octet® Biosensor Transfer Tool
Item no.: Bio-Layer-Interferometry-Transfer-Tool

Octet® Sialic Acid (GlyS) Kit
Octet® Sialic Acid (GlyS) Kit
Item no.: Bio-Layer-Interferometry-GlyS-Kit

Includes 1 GlyS Biosensor Tray (96 biosensors) and 1 GlyS reagent kit containing Glycan Buffer A, Glycan Sample Prep Buffer, Anti-hIgG Detection Ab, Glycan Detection Substrate, Glycan Detection Buffer and Glycan Wash Buffer.

Octet® Protein A (ProA) Detection Kit
Octet® Protein A (ProA) Detection Kit
Item no.: Bio-Layer-Interferometry-Protein-A-Detection-Kit

Detection Kit for accurate quantitation of contaminating Protein A in bioprocess samples. Includes one tray of Residual Protein A Biosensors, Recombinant Protein A standard, reagents, and buffers for 96 measurements. Can be used for recombinant, native, and MabSelect SuRe ligand quantitation.