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Sartocheck® 4 plus Bag Tester

The Sartocheck® 4 plus Bag tester is the result of a clear market request for testing single use bags and bioreactors pre-use. It is based on the same market leading software and hardware platform as the Sartocheck® 4 plus Filter tester and assures full communication compatibility between the both.

Item no.:  26288---BT


* 72 Hours Turnaround Time

As bags require lower test pressures and therefore also higher pressure accuracies than membrane filters, the pressure range has been reduced for an overall optimization of pressure accuracy and pressure drop measurement accuracy. The Sartocheck® 4 plus Bag tester provides the same combination of benefits as the Sartocheck® 4 plus Filter tester:

  • Barcode Scanner for easy and reliable data entry (optional)
  • Intelligent selection of test program after scanning the 1D or 2D label
  • Combination of large, colour touch screen display with keypad
  • Automated cleaning function eliminates expensive service calls
  • Multitasking menu
  • Electronic test reports in PDF format
  • No thermo paper but dot matrix printer (longer print preservation)
  • Easy test program and user profile proliferation to other Sartocheck® testers via FTP or SD card
  • Unparalleled accuracy and repeatability of results for all test types
  • World class documentation, training, applications, and service support
  • Allows real time parallel testing by controlling up to four additional test units (optional Bag tester and|or Filter tester MultiUnits)
  • Fully compliant with 21 CFR Part 11
  • Developed in accordance with GAMP5

Sartocheck 4 network cable 10.0m

Sartocheck 4 cable to multiunit 5.0m

Sartocheck 4 cable to multiunit 0.5m

Sartocheck 4 cable to multiunit 2.0m

Barcode Scanner for Sartocheck 4 plus

Sartocheck 4 network cable 20.0m

Sartocheck 4 network cable 2.0m

Sartocheck 4 network cable 5.0m

Venting fan adapter for Sartocheck