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Reuse Line

Reuse Line modules are designed for multiple use cycles. The Reuse module can be easily cleaned after each use. The choice of cleaning solution, cleaning time and frequency will depend on the specific process stream, fouling tendency and operating conditions.

  • Use for multiple cycles

  • Easy cleaning


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Reuse Line hollow fiber modules offers a modified polyethersulfone (m-PES) membrane which is gentle on your cells, biomolecules and viruses. Generate high yields and low hold-up volumes. Reuse Line modules provide a linear and predictive scale-up process from laboratory and pilot-scale to manufacturing scale by using matching materials, fluid-path length, and performance characteristics. Reuse Line modules are fully scalable with batch volumes from 10 mL up to 1500 L with corresponding membrane surface areas from 0.056 ft² (0.0052 m²) up to 166.0 ft² (15.42 m²). Due to the inhouse production of the membrane the Reuse Line can offer you a high batch-to-batch consistency. Reuse Line hollow fiber modules can be sanitized and cleaned in 0.5 - 1.0 N NaOH and stored in 0.1 N NaOH between uses.

For those applications where cleaning and Reuse is warranted, the Reuse Line hollow fiber modules offer:

  • Self-contained Membrane offering from 3 kD to 750 kD MWCO and from 0.1 μm to 0.65 μm pore size

  • Easy and reliable scale up and scale down

  • Low hold up volume

  • High product flux and total capacity

  • Robust, strong, multi-use hollow fiber membranes

  • Low binding m-PES membrane - high yield and easy to clean


Re-use Line Hollow Fiber Modules
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