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Sartobran® P

Sartobran® P with its unique cellulose acetate (CA) membrane is mainly used for the sterile filtration of blood & plasma products as well as viral vaccines. The ultra-low binding feature of the membrane material leads to highest product yield. Especially large, shear-stress sensitive proteins do not lose their structure and function when filtered through this special membrane. This will improve your process output even further.


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Sartobran P SartoScale 25_0.2µm_100pc
Sartobran P SartoScale 25_0.2µm_100pc
Item no.: 5235307HV--LX--N
Capsule/Cartridge Format
SartoScale 25
Sartobran® P
Filtration Area
4.5 cm²
Pore Size Final-filter
0.2 µm
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Sterilizing-Grade, 0.2 µm Rated Filters

Sartobran® P Pore size: 0.45 | 0.2 µm (CA double layer)

Your Benefits

  • High product yield due to ultra-low unspecific adsorption
  • Excellent filtration results especially for large, shear-stress sensitive proteins
  • Ideally suited for sterile filtration of viral vaccines and blood & plasma products

Sartobran® P filters are not suitable for gamma irradiation. For easy integration of non-gamma filters into single-use assemblies, we offer a wide range of possibilities with our Filter Transfer Set solutions.

For highest process flexibility Sartobran® P filters are available for conventional stainless-steel or single-use applications. The filter elements are available in various sizes and connector combinations. Please review the selection guide in the supporting literature.