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Hydrosart® Ultrafilter

Hydrosart® high performance membrane is a stabilized cellulose based membrane that has been optimized for biopharmaceutical process applications.

  • Hydrosart® is stable across a broad pH range.
  • Hydrosart® is extremely hydrophilic, making it non-protein binding, and virtually non-fouling.
  • Membrane cleaning, storage and depyrogenation can be accomplished by using NaOH even at elevated temperatures and concentrations.

These features make Hydrosart® an ideal membrane for biological applications.


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Hydrosart® ultrafiltration membranes are designed for use in the biotechnological and pharmaceutical industries. They can be used for the following applications: Oligonucleotide. proteins (albumin - even with 40% EtOH - . hemoglobin). coagulation factors (factor VIII. factor III). vaccines (tetanus. diphteria). monoclonal antibodies.

Product Profile:

Hydrosart® is virtually non-fouling and shows minimal adsorption of proteins. viruses. etc. Membrane retention is unaffected by repeated use. The Hydrosart® ultrafiltration membrane can be re-used without any loss of integrity or performance. Hydrosart® ultrafiltration cassettes have been validated to withstand in-line steam sterilization without any loss or changes in membrane retention.

Depending on product viscosity and feed flow requirements, Hydrosart® Ultrafilter can be selected in a choice of two different screens.


Hydrosart® Ultrafiltration Cassettes - Protein Purification, Concentration and Diafiltration
en 340.1 kB
Hydrosart® Ultrafiltration Cassettes — Protein purification, concentration and diafiltration
en 282.6 kB

User Manual

Directions for Use - Sartocube® ECO | Sartocon® ECO | Sartocon® Slice | Sartocon® Slice 200 ECO Cassettes
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Crossflow Filtration (also known as Tangential Flow Filtration, or TFF) is a filtration method used under dynamic flow conditions. Product feed flows tangentially along the surface of the membrane where the product molecule is retained, while buffer and contaminants pass through the membrane. Sartorius Crossflow Ultrafilters contain Hydrosart TFF Membranes of various molecular weight cut-offs to manage volume reduction and buffer exchange in antibody, vaccine, and blood & plasma processes. Hydrosart is the preferred and best performing TFF membrane for biopharmaceutical manufacturing.