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Bag Loop with Sartocon® Slice Self Contained

The gamma sterilized bag loop assembly consists of a Hydrosart® self contained filter unit, tubing, four pressure domes, retentate and permeate flow meters, two valve bodies for back pressure control in the retentate and permeate line, perestaltic pump tubing and a 10 L recirculation bag including a thermowell and a vent filter.

Bag loop assemblies for the SARTOFLOW® Alpha plus SU are supplied sterile and ready to use. Due to the fully enclosed design the assembly is well suited for vaccine, recombinant protein and highly toxic ADC production. All product wetted parts of the system are supplied sterile and made from single use components.


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Item no.: SFA-SUM1467931
Filtration Area
0.42 m²
300 kD