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SDR HyperD® - Detergent Removal Chromatography Resin

SDR HyperD® is a unique resin designed for the removal of detergents from biological fluids.


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SDR HyperD® - 100 mL Detergent Removal Chromatography Resin
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100 mL
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SDR HyperD® for solvent detergent removal in bioprocessing features high capacity for a wide range of detergents and secures high recovery of protein. The resin is composed of silica beads whose pores are filled with a three-dimensional crosslinked hydrophobic polymer. The small pore size, particle size distribution (40 to 100 μm), and hydrophobic nature of the chemical groups make SDR HyperD resin ideal for detergent removal.

Features and Benefits

- High dynamic binding capacity for many different detergents
- High recovery for proteins
- Ideal tool for both removing solvent and detergent
- Stable in acid, polar organic, and oxidizing solutions


- Binds detergent molecules typically used in viral inactivation processes [i.e., Tri-n-Butyl Phosphate (TnBP) and Triton X-100]
- Removal of both ionic and zwitter ionic detergents from biological solutions


SDR HyperD® - Solvent-detergent removal chromatography resin
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