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HyperCel STAR AX - Ion Exchange Chromatography Resin

HyperCel Star AX is a salt-tolerant anion exchanger with a primary amine as functional group. It can easily be integrated into a purification workflow without feed stream manipulation.


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HyperCel STAR AX is an industry-scalable anion exchange chromatography resin designed for high productivity protein capture at moderate or higher salt conductivity (2 to 15 mS/cm), typical of undiluted biological feedstocks (e.g. mammalian cell culture supernatants, E. coli feedstock, plasma, etc.).

Features and Benefits

- High dynamic binding capacity (DBC) at short residence time (2 minutes or lower)
- Direct capture of protein from undiluted feedstock at moderate or high conductivity
- Excellent flow rate properties for fast feedstock processing
- Distinctive selectivity, consistent in a broad conductivity range (2 – 15 mS/cm)
- Enhanced process economics
- Manufactured at large scale and to meet the demands of commercial users and regulatory authorities


- Direct capture of recombinant proteins, mono- and poly-clonal antibodies, plasma derivatives
- Direct Capture of Albumin from Undiluted Plasma
- Early Removal of CHOPs before Protein A Capture of a Monoclonal Antibody (MAb)


HyperCel™ STAR AX Ion Exchange Resin Salt Tolerant Advanced Recovery Anion Exchange Chromatography Resin
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