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CMM HyperCel - Mixed-Mode Cation Exchange Resin

CMM HyperCel is a hydrophobic cation exchanger designed for the capture of antibodies, antibody fragments, and recombinant proteins. It allows the separation of proteins with similar pIs and hydrophobicity by modulation of pH and conductivity.


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CMM HyperCel, PRC Column 5 x 50, 1 mL Mixed-Mode Cation Exchange Resin
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1 mL
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CMM HyperCel resin is composed of a rigid cellulose matrix that has flow properties compatible with the needs of manufacturing scale protein production.
The proprietary ligand, containing both a primary amine and a carboxyl group, confers cation exchange and hydrophobicity properties to the chromatography resin. The flexibility of the ligand enables the separation of proteins with a large variety of isoelectric points and hydrophobicity levels, and multiple conditions can be employed to separate targeted molecules from contaminants.

Features and Benefits

- Unique selectivity
- High capacity mixed-mode chromatography resin
- High recovery, low elution volume
- Easy CIP, NaOH stable


- Capture of MAbs, Fab fragments and recombinant proteins from challenging feedstocks
- Separation of proteins with similar isoelectric point and | or hydrophobicity at low or high conductivity


CMM HyperCel Mixed-Mode Resin - Industry-Scalable Cation Exchange Mixed-Mode Resin for High Performance Capture and Impurity Removal at Moderate Conductivity
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