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Picus® Electronic Pipettes

Enjoy your work with Picus®! Its highly sophisticated and completely ergonomic design will reduce your risk of repetitive strain injury (RSI). Fully electronic operation ensures the maximum accuracy and repeatability of your results.


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Featuring the most sophisticated and ergonomic design and fully electronic operation, Picus® will ease your workload, and thus reduce your risk of repetitive strain injury (RSI).

Its superior technology, electronic brake and piston control system ensure accurate and precise pipetting results, independently of the particular user. By guiding pipetting steps, the unique plate tracker increases reliability in correctly filling microwell plates. The pipette's repetitive blow-out function facilitates dispensing of the very last droplets of your sample, even of viscous liquids, for example.

The intuitive user interface gives you a choice of five language options: English, French, German, Russian and Chinese.

Picus® is available in single-channel models, covering a volume range of 0.2 to 10,000 µl, and in multi-channel models from 0.2 µl to 1,200 µl.

  • Uniquely lightweight and compact design maximizes user convenience
  • Conveniently located, one-touch operating-button and feather-light electronic tip ejection help minimize muscle strain
  • Electronic piston control and brake ensure accurate, user-independent pipetting results
  • Unique plate tracker increases reliability in microwell plate dispensing
  • The comprehensive selection of pipetting modes lets you perform a number of different liquid handling tasks quickly and easily

Application Note

Applic.Note Pipette Tips
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Picus and Picus NxT Electronic Pipettes
en 2.2 MB


Picus® & Picus® NxT Electronic Pipettes Product Datasheet
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Datasheet Service LPS Calibration ISO-17025-Pipette DE NL
en 480.0 kB
Datasheet Service LPS Calibration ISO-8655-Pipette
en 386.0 kB
Datasheet Service LPS Preventative Maintenance Pipette
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Pipette Essentials - Make Your Choice
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User Manual

QUICK START GUIDE Picus® & Picus® NxT Electronic Pipettes
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Picus® & Picus® NxT Electronic Pipette User Manual
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