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Mline® Mechanical Pipette, 12 Channel

Sartorius Mline® 8 channel mechanical pipettes offer excellent ergonomics, performance and safety in manual pipetting. It is designed to maintain high accuracy and precision in repetitive and long-lasting manual pipetting. Its excellent ergonomics minimize the risk of work related hand, arm and shoulder disorders and Work Related Upper Limb Disorder (WRULD). It covers the full volume range of 0.5 μl to 300µl. Check 'Accessories & Consumables' tab for wide selection of Sartorius pipette tips and pipetting accessories that make your pipetting safer and more comfortable.

Item no.:  mechanical-multichannel-pipette-12-725


The Mline® 8 channel mechanical pipettes have a comfortable handle and an ergonomic finger support combined with low pipetting forces for effortless pipetting. Good fit in hand minimizes the grip force needed to hold the pipette making pipetting confortable.

- Volume range starting from 0.5µl up to 300µl
- Secure volume adjustment with two-hand volume lock system
- Large display for easy reading of volume
- For both right and left handed users
- Color coded for easy matching of fitting tips
- Safe-cone filters available for models above 10µl for extra protection when using non-filtered tips
- Safe-cone filter ejection system
- Materials have high chemical and UV-resistance to secure long life-time of the pipette
- Fully autoclavable without the need for disassembly


  • Channels
    • 12
    • 12