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pHrodo® Cell Labeling Kit for Incucyte® Phagocytosis Assays

Kit containing one vial of lyophilized solid sufficient for labeling 5 x107 target cells of choice along with wash and labeing buffers - suitable for 100-200 live-cell imaging phagocytosis assays in 96-well format.

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The pHrodo® Cell Labeling Kit for Incucyte® enables the labeling of your choice of target cells with a pH-sensitive fluorophore for use in Incucyte® phagocytosis assays. Each kit includes:

One vial of pHrodo® Cell Labeling Dye for Incucyte®

One vial of DMSO used to solubilize the dye

One bottle of pHrodo® Wash Buffer (100 uL)

One bottle of lpHrodo® Labeling Buffer (100 uL)


pHrodo® Red Cell Labeling Kit for Incucyte® Product Guide
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General Specifications

  • Color

eShop Dynamic Attributes

  • Instrument Compatibility
    • S3
    • SX1
    • SX5 configured with G/R
  • Research Area
    Cell Function