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Incucyte® Nuclight Green Lentivirus (EF1a, Puro)

One vial of Lentivirus reagent (>1x106 TU/mL) suitable for transducing cells with a non-perturbing nuclear restricted green fluorescent label. Stable cell lines can be created under puromycin selection.

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Incucyte® Nuclight Green Lentivirus Reagents enable efficient, non-perturbing, nuclear labeling of living mammalian cells. They are compatible with convenient transduction protocols and enable real-time cell counting and the calculation of cell doubling times. Incucyte® Nuclight Lentivirus Reagents provide homogenous expression of a nuclear-restricted GFP (green fluorescent protein) in your choice of primary, immortalized, dividing, or non-dividing cells without altering cell function and with minimal toxicity. These reagents are ideal for generating stable cell populations or clones using puromycin selection. The Incucyte® Nuclight Lentivirus Reagents have been validated for use with the Incucyte® live-cell analysis system and can be combined with the Incucyte® Caspase-3/7 Reagent, Incucyte® Annexin V Reagents or Incucyte® Cytotox Reagents for multiplexed measurements of apoptosis and cytotoxicity alongside cell proliferation in a single well.

Virus Description: 3rd generation HIV-based, VSV-G pseudotyped lentiviral particles encoding a nuclear restricted GFP

Promoter: EF-1 alpha

Selectable Marker: Puromycin

Spectral Properties: Ex (max): 483 nm; Em (max): 506 nm


Incucyte Nuclight Lentivirus Reagents - For Nuclear Labeling of Live Cells
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    0.6 mL

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