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Incucyte® Mouse IgG1 Fabfluor Antibody Labeling Dye for Live-Cell Immunocytochemistry

One vial (50 µg) of lyophilized conjugate sufficient for labeling for labeling surface expressed proteins in 96-well format.

Item no.:  Mouse-IgG1-Antibody-Labeling-Dye-for-Immunocytochemistry


Incucyte® Mouse IgG1 Fabfluor Antibody Labeling Dye is designed for quick, easy labeling of Fc containing test antibodies with a green or red fluorophore. Once labeled, the Fabfluor-antibody complex can be used for identification of surface expressed antigens in live cells. In the absence of expressed specific antigen, little or no signal is seen on the cells.

With the Incucyte® integrated analysis software, background fluorescence is minimized. This reagent has been validated for use with a number of different antibodies in a range of cell types.

The Incucyte® Live-Cell Analysis System enables real time, kinetic evaluation of live-cell immunocytochemistry. Furthermore, the Incucyte® Mouse IgG1 Fabfluor Dye can be multiplexed with the Incucyte® fluorescent reagents, enabling measurements of different cellular events, protein localizations, or cell types in a single well.

The Incucyte® Mouse IgG1 Fabfluor Antibody Labeling Dye is offered as a green reagent, Fabfluor-488 with an Opti-Green background suppressor, or as a red reagent, Fabfluor-594.

Safety Datasheet

Incucyte® Mouse IgG1 Fabfluor-488 Antibody Labeling Reagent Safety Data Sheet
en 74.7 kB
Incucyte® Opti-Green Safety Data Sheet
en 150.3 kB
Incucyte® Mouse IgG1 Fabfluor-594 Dye Safety Data Sheet
en 86.8 kB