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Incucyte® Cytolight Rapid Dye for Live-cell Cytoplasmic Labeling

Supplied as dry powder in sufficient quantity capable of labeling between 10 and 90 million cells depending on the optimized concentration.

Item no.:  4705

Price:  $200.00


Incucyte® Cytolight Rapid Dyes are stable fluorescent reagents that freely pass through cell membranes; however, once inside, these dyes are transformed into cell-impermeant fluorescent probes that are transferred by dilution to daughter cells but not to adjacent cells within a population. Incucyte® Cytolight Rapid Dyes enable simple, fast and highly efficient labeling of living cells. These dyes are well suited for identifying the location of cells within a population and monitoring the dynamic interactions between cells in mixed cultures. They are ideal for labeling cell types that are difficult to label using BacMam, lentivirus or other transfection-based labeling approaches (e.g. immune cells and primary cells). Addition of the Incucyte® Cytolight Rapid Dyes at optimal concentrations to healthy cells is non-perturbing to cell growth or morphology and remains well-retained in cells. Incucyte® Cytolight Rapid Dyes are ideal for identifying and monitoring cells in mixed cultures up to 48 hours postlabeling. These reagents can be multiplexed with Incucyte® Annexin V, Caspase-3/7 or Cytotox Dyes for simultaneous readouts of apoptosis or cytotoxicity using the Incucyte® Live-Cell Analysis System.


Incucyte®️ Cytolight Rapid Dyes Product Guide
en 2.4 MB
Incucyte® Cytolight Rapid Dye Product Guide
en 2.4 MB

Safety Datasheet

Incucyte® Cytolight Rapid Green Dye Safety Data Sheet
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