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Biotrate Digital Burette and Bottle-Top Dispensers

Biotrate is a premium digital burette equipped with sophisticated functions for easy titration. Biotrate offers high chemical resistance and it is a smart solution for titrating various liquids accurately and safely. Biotrate is easy and convenient to use due to its large and clear electronic display, smooth operating wheels, and 360° rotating dispensing head.


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Biotrate - Premium digital burette for convenient titration

  • Extremely high chemical resistance
  • Smooth and light to operate with soft touch operating wheels
  • Media recirculation system that allows unused media to be recovered from the device and returned to the bottle
  • 360° rotating dispensing head
  • Universal connector at the back of the unit for drying tubes and filters
  • Easy to attach aspiration tube with a secure threaded connection
  • User replaceable valves
  • Supplied with UV-protected replacement window for light sensitive media protection
  • Long life CR2032 battery
  • Easy custom adjustment for various liquids
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Autoclavable liquid pathway
  • Wide range of adapters included to fit most common bottle sizes

Application Note

Practical Tips for Choosing the Bottle-top Dispenser for Your Lab
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Biotrate Digital Burette - Convenient Titration
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Biotrate Digital Burette
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