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PMA.Power zone 2 package

If you do not want to make any compromises when mixing large amounts of paint. Weighing capacity 35 kg, readability 0.1 g

Item no.:  PMP01P-Y00011

Availability:  On Request

If you do not want to make any compromises when mixing large amounts of paint, the new PMA.Power is the ideal solution. Its monolithic weigh cell featuring a resolution of 0.1 g and a weighing capacity extending up to 35 kg enables you to pour components quickly and accurately into relatively large paint cans. Thanks to its high resolution, you will also find it easy to pour in small amounts with total accuracy on the PMA.Power scale. This lets you save money by not having to buy a second scale.

  • Large 14-segment display
  • Scrolling text function
  • Especially for mixing under tough ambient conditions
  • Protected against overload
  • Calculation by factor function (to mix fractional amounts)
  • Recalculation function
  • Standard serial interface port


Sartorius PMA.Power (Model PMA35001-Y)
en 93.9 kB

User Manual

Sartorius PMA.Power Model PMA35001-Y — Electronic Paint-mixing Scale for Use in Zone 2 Hazardous Areas
en 1.2 MB
Sartorius PMA.Power — Modèle PMA35001 — Balance électronique pour peinture
fr 1.4 MB
Sartorius PMA.Power — Model PMA35001-Y — Balance électronique pour peinture destinée à être utilisée dans les atmosphères explosibles de la zone 2
fr 3.4 MB
Sartorius PMA.Power Model PMA35001-Y — Bilancia elettronica per la miscelazione di vernici per l’utilizzo in aree a rischio di esplosione della zona 2
it 3.4 MB
Sartorius PMA.Power — Modelo PMA35001-Y
es 4.2 MB

Product properties

  • Readability
    0.1 g
  • Weighing capacity
    35,000 g
  • Temperature range
    +10 – +30 °C
  • Ex Approval/Zone
    Ex zone 2
  • Display
    Backlit 14-segment LCD
  • Data Interface

Technical attributes

  • Dimensions (WxDxH)
    350 × 240 × 132.5 mm
  • Net weight, approx.
    11 kg
  • Accessories Included
    • RS232 data interface cable
    • In-use dust cover for keypad
  • Calibration Weight
    10 kg (class F2 or better)
  • Dust / Water Protection According to IEC 529
    IP 43
  • Interface Port