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Explosion Protected IP44 OEM-Weigh Cells with CE

Explosion protected IP44 OEM-weigh cells for use in hazardous areas. The devices are suited for Zone 1 and 2 with gasses of group IIC and temperature class T4 as well as for Zone 21 and 22 for dust atmospheres (Tmax =275 °F). The explosion protected IP44 OEM-weigh cells feature an automatic weighing system in a stainless steel IP44 housing with force compensation technology and a load receptor with overload protection. The separation of weighing system and electronics allows for fast warm-up.


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Explosion Protected Weigh Cell 6,200 g x 0.01 g
Maximum Weighing Capacity
6,200 g
≤± 0.01 g
0.01 g

Explosion Protected IP44 OEM-Weigh Cells with CE