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Infrared Moisture Analyzer MA37

The Sartorius MA37 Moisture Analyzer is a next-generation device that improves upon the wildly popular and ultra-precise Sartorius MA35 Infrared Moisture Analyzer. The MA37 features upgrades such as a higher-performance heating element, intuitive user interface, a convenient analysis status light and more.

Top Features

  • High-performance heating elements provide rapid results and uniform heating

  • Rugged, space-saving design resists wear and tear and blends into any working environment

  • Automatic, semi-automatic and manual shutoff parameters

  • Three drying modes

    Improved temperature range - 40°C – 200°C

  • Single-degree temperature increments

Popular Applications

  • High-volume research, processing and production tasks in a variety of environments and working conditions

  • Measuring moisture content in %M and g, dry weight in %S and g, and ATRO ratio in %M and %S

Item no.:  MA37-1


Made for Modern Laboratories

The Sartorius MA37 Moisture Analyzer represents the next generation of precise, reliable, and intuitive measurement devices. High-performance heating elements extend the temperature range of the MA37 to 200°C and offer standard, gentle and MA35 heating modes for enhanced versatility. The intuitive integrated touchscreen allows users to easily navigate menu prompts and analysis methods straight out of the box, while the removable hood is equipped with our SoftClose feature, and an LED-illuminated sample inspection chamber allows the user to keep a close eye on sensitive samples during analysis.

Allows for Rapid Integration

The Sartorius MA37 Moisture Analyzer is backward compatible with any MA35 analysis method parameters, allowing laboratories to rapidly integrate the MA37 into their workflows without missing a beat. The status indicator light provides feedback on the analysis status at a glance. In contrast, the BetterClean design supports thorough cleaning and even allows researchers to remove the chamber hood and sample chamber plate for cleaning in a laboratory washer. The integrated mini USB port, automatic printer detection and secure direct data transfer capabilities to any Microsoft Office programs further extend the utility and convenience of the MA37, allowing researchers to save, share, and transfer moisture analysis data with ease.


The New MA37 Moisture Analyzer for Daily Routine Operation
en 1.1 MB


MA37 — Fully Automatic Infrared Moisture Analyzer for Daily Routine Operation
en 101.9 kB

User Manual

YTM15MA — Heating Adjustment Set
en 1.1 MB
Manual Repro Easy Pad MA160/37
en 234.6 kB
Sartorius Moisture Analyzer
en 10.0 MB

Accessories Information

  • Accessories Included
    • Dust Cover
    • Glassfiber Filter
  • Data Printer
    External (optional)


  • Application
    Standard and thermo-sensitive applications


  • Built-in Calibration Weight

Compliance Information

  • ISO/GLP Compliant Printout
    GLP-compliant, inalterable standard for printout of the results | paper-saving mode for short record
  • Version Compliant with FDA/ HACCP Regulations

Connections (Data)

  • Data Interface
    RS232C unidirectional


  • Depth
    400 mm


  • Access to the Sample Chamber
    Removable hood with wide opening angle; SoftClose mechanism
  • Analysis Mode
    Fully automatic, semiautomatic mg (1 mg – 50 mg | 5 sec. – 300 sec.), semiautomatic % (0.1% – 5.0% | 5 sec. – 300 sec.), timer settings (02:00 – 99.59 min.), manual
  • Display Mode for Results
    % moisture, % dry weight, g moisture, g dry weight, ATRO (ratio) in %M/S
  • Exchange of the Heating Unit by Plug&Dry®
  • Heating Mode
    Standard drying, gentle drying, MA35 mode
  • Manual Input of Tare Weights
  • Maximum Number of Programs
  • Memory Data Storage
    End point up to the next moisture measurement run
  • Number of Program Memories
  • Operator Guidance Features
    Intuitive user-friendly interface (touch screen) and easy-to-understand menu prompt for user guidance
  • Password Protection
  • Readability
    1 mg, 0.01 %
  • reproTEST
    Menu function to check the performance of the heating unit and the weighing system using a ReproEasy pad

General Specifications

  • Accuracy of the Weighing System
    1 mg
  • Heating Source
    Metal rod heater, very robust
  • Temperature Range
    40°C – 200°C, adjustable in 1-degree increments

Operating Conditions

  • Maximum Weighing Capacity
    70 g
  • Recommended Moisture Range
    4 – 99%

Power Requirements

  • Line Voltage
    115 - 230 V

Product Information

  • Brand
Thermo Transfer and Thermo Direct Printer for GLP Printing


Thermo transfer and thermo direct printer for GxP printing on standard paper and self-adhesive labels

Laboratory Printer for Balances with GLP, Statistics


Data printer, verified for use in legal metrology; with date, time, statistics and transaction counter functions

Glassfiber Filter (80/pkg.)

Thermopaper 5 x 24m
Item no.

Printer paper, YDP02/03/04, 57mmX40m,5ea

Self-adhesiv paper+thermotransf.foil 90m

Printer ribbon cass. for Epson

Temperature adjustment set


Accessories for weights and weight sets

ReproEasy Pads, 10 pcs
Item no.


Test pads for the periodic review of the performance of MA37/160 moisture analyzer.

ReproEasy Pads, 20 pcs
Item no.


Test pads for the periodic review of the performance of MA37/160 moisture analyzer.

Sample tong for sample pans


Samples tongs for MA37/MA160

Main cord, 3-wires, Schweiz

application pcb
Item no.

Cord Set, 3-wires, United Kingdom

cable sensors heating cover

Glass fiber pads 90mm circles (200/pkg)

double tube heater
Item no.

Conversion set for heating hood

pan support
Item no.

axle bracket
Item no.

Main cord, 3-wires, USA, CDN

Collapsible box
Item no.

Item no.

Main Cord, 3-wires, India

heating controller
Item no.

Main Cord, 3-wires, Japan
Item no.

cable, heating
Item no.
69MA0458 Discontinued

insulating plate
Item no.

Main cord, 3-wires, Eastern-Europe
Item no.
6900907 Discontinued

Main Cord, 3-wires, South-Africa

Main Cord,  Europe Special order only

cable, end switch E-Box
Item no.

Item no.

plug connector  (6-way)
Item no.

Main cord, 3-wires, Denmark

latch (2 pcs.)
Item no.

Aluminum dishes (package of 80)

cable, heating new
Item no.

cover heating hood
Item no.

Main cord, 3-wires, Argentina

temperature sensor
Item no.

Item no.

Main cord, 3-wires, Italy

illumination pcb
Item no.

cable status indicator
Item no.

cable end switch cover
Item no.

levelling screw
Item no.

Main cord, 3 wires, Brasil

weighing chamber base plate

Temperature sensor PT1000

Cord Set, 3-wires, China

Item no.

foil cable 34 pol., l=200mm

Packaging, cpl.
Item no.

Cord Set, 3-wires, Israel

Display unit
Item no.

tubular heating elements
Item no.

Protecting cover
Item no.

fuse 6,3A T, 250V, 5x20mm (2 pcs.)

interconnection pcb
Item no.

Cord Set, 3-wires, Australia/Newseeland

metrology board (needs to be programed)

rubber buffer
Item no.

Overload protection assembly

Absorber element
Item no.

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