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MA160 - Fast and accurate analysis on the widest variety of product samples

The MA160 is the perfect choice if you have various samples no matter if you are in the laboratory or in production. It determines the moisture content of liquids, pastes and solids conveniently, reliably and in minimum time.


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IR Moisture Analyzer, 200g, 1mg
Maximum Weighing Capacity
200 g
MA160 Infrared Moisture Analyzer
Maximum Weighing Capacity
200 g
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Optimized performance: Powerful heating for up to 30% faster measurement times combined with our special Better-Clean design for unequaled cleaning possibilities.Self-explaining method management:The Method Development Assistant function enables you to create your own methods for different samples and efficiently manage the methods in a library. Expanded data management:The high memory capacity for methods, results, calibration and performance data ensure traceable GMP-compliant documentation at any time.Typical uses: Varying samples in all kinds of industries like chemistry, food and beverage and many more


Analisador de Umidade MA160 - Gerencia suas Tarefas Sofisticadas
pt 3.8 MB
管理复杂任务的 - 新型 MA160 水分分析仪
zh 2.2 MB
MA160 Moisture Analyzer — Manages Your Sophisticated Tasks
en 3.6 MB
Der neue MA160 Feuchtebestimmer — Ihr Manager für anspruchsvolle Aufgaben
de 3.7 MB
ニュースタンダード水分計 - MA160
2.2 MB
Il nuovo analizzatore d’umidità MA160 - Per la gestione di analisi complesse
it 2.2 MB
Analizador de Humedad MA160 Gestiona sus Tareas Sofisticadas
es 3.7 MB
Analyseur d’humidité MA160 - gère vos tâches complexes
fr 3.7 MB
zh 9.9 MB
Yeni MA160 Nemölçer - Zorlu Görevlerinizi Yönetir
2.4 MB
Aнализатор влажности MA160 для выполнения сложных задач
ru 3.6 MB


MA160 — Analisador de umidade por infravermelho totalmente automático para a gestão de tarefas complexas
pt 439.0 kB
MA160 — Karmaşık Görevlerin Yönetimi için Tam Otomatik Infrared Nemölçer
152.7 kB
MA160 — Vollautomatischer Infrarot-Feuchtebestimmer für das Management anspruchsvoller Aufgaben
de 438.2 kB
MA160 — 日常操作全自动红外水分分析仪
zh 229.4 kB
MA160 — Fully Automatic Infrared Moisture Analyzer for Managing Complex Tasks
en 446.1 kB
MA160 — Analizador de humedad infrarrojo completamente automático para la gestión de tareas complejas.
es 127.0 kB
MA160 — Автоматический инфракрасный анализатор влажности для выполнения сложных задач
ru 415.7 kB
MA160 — 日常操作のための全自動赤外湿度分析器
192.7 kB
MA160 — Analizzatore d’umidità a infrarossi completamente automatico per la gestione di analisi complesse
it 438.5 kB
MA160 — Analyseur d’humidité à infrarouge entièrement automatique pour la gestion d’analyses complexes
fr 438.9 kB
MA160 — W pełni automatyczny analizator wilgotności na podczerwień do zarządzania wymagającymi zadaniami
pl 468.5 kB
MA160 — Analizador de humedad infrarrojo completamente automático para la gestión de tareas complejas.
es 439.1 kB

User Manual

YTM15MA — Heating Adjustment Set
en 710.5 kB
YTM15MA — Heizungsabgleichset
de 702.3 kB
YTM15MA — Juego de compensación de temperatura
es 705.1 kB
YTM15MA — Set di regolazione del riscaldamento
it 709.3 kB
YTM15MA — Dispositif d'ajustage du chauffage
fr 715.2 kB
Manual Repro Easy Pad MA160/37
en 234.6 kB
Sartorius Moisture Analyzer
es 3.1 MB
Sartorius Moisture Analyzer
en 11.5 MB