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Microsart® Mycoplasma Orale Validation Standard 100CFU

Microsart® Validation Standards are quantified CFU preparations, containing 100 CFU per vial, optimized for validating the robustness and sensitivity of NAT-based tests.

Item no.:  SMB95-2051

Availability:  On Request


European Pharmacopoeia 2.6.7 Mycoplasmas requires validation of sensitivity and robustness with respect to sample matrix. In addition, the method shall show a performance equal or better to the classical cultivation procedure. As most test and cell culture labs are frighten to cultivate mycoplasma, such comparison is not easy to accomplish.

Microsart® Validation Standards are not infectious and therefore safe in use. They are titrated to 10 CFU/ml, the sensitivity limit for NAT-based methods like PCR to replace the traditional culture method.

The mycoplasma cells used for the manufacture of Microsart® Validation Standard are low passage reference strains cultivated in culture broth described in EP 2.6.7. The cultures are harvested in the early logarithmic phase of the growth to avoid an atypical high ratio of dead mycoplasma particles, titrated immediately in culture broth and plated on Hayflick and Frey medium for quantification based on colony forming units (CFU).

Biological Information

  • Species
    Mycoplasma orale


  • Additional Required Components
    • qPCR cycler
    • PCR reaction tubes
    • Centrifuge for 1.5 ml PCR tubes
    • Pipettes
    • Extraction kit
    • PCR kit

General Specifications

  • Detection Method