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Microsart maxi.vac, 115 V | 60 Hz

Maintenance-friendly and performant pumps for smooth and reliable filtration. A complete product range for one to 6-branch filtration systems. Sartorius pumps use state of the art technology making robustness one of their best features. Whether you would like to use a vacuum flask or prefer a flask-free solution (Microsart® e.jet), Sartorius pumps will answer all your needs and help you save space without compromising on performance.

Item no.:  16694-1-60-22

Price (USD):  $1,455.00

1 Piece

The Microsart® e.jet vacuum laboratory pump is designed to create sufficient vacuum for filtration and unlike traditional vacuum pumps, it allows simultaneous transfer of the filtered liquid to waste. The Microsart® e.jet Transfer Pump is ideal for sample filtration in Microbiology achieving a trans membrane pressure below 700 mbar in compliance with ISO 8199 (Water quality - General guidance on the enumeration of micro-organisms by culture). Constant flow rates and a defined maximum vacuum guarantee smooth and reliable filtration. The Microsart® e.jet Transfer Pump greatly reduces operating complexity and is an ideal accessory for 3-branch and 1-branch manifolds. The Microsart® e.jet is designed to pump both gas and liquids, meaning no loss of efficiency or malfunctions from water drawn into the pump head.

The vacuum pump series Microsart® maxi.vac and Microsart® mini.vac provide up to date technology for daily use in the Microbiology laboratory environment. They are electric neoprene membrane pumps and therefore oil- and maintenance-free with a low noise level. The vacuum produced by these pumps is controlled and can be easily adjusted to your specifications. Thus sensitive cells (e.g. bacteria) are concentrated on the surface of a membrane filter under better conditions, which results in decreased mortality of the cells, higher recovery rates and shorter incubation times.


  • Application
    Microbial Enumeration
  • Market
    • Pharma/Biotech
    • Food & Beverage
    • Environmental/Water Testing

Compliance Information

  • Certification
  • Dust / Water Protection According to IEC 529
    IP 44
  • Electrical / Battery item


  • Connectors for Tube
    9 mm (I.D.)
  • Dimensions
  • Dimensions WxDxH
    261 x 204 x 110 mm

General Specifications

  • Additional Product Specifications
    Max. temperature of liquid media: 5 – 40 °C
  • Flow Rate
    22 L/min
  • Maximum Viscosity
    < 150 cSt
  • Pump Flow
    22 l/min

Operating Conditions

  • Maximum Vacuum
    100 mbar
  • Operating Current
    0.9 A
  • Operating Pressure
    1 bar

Power Requirements

  • Input Wattage
    130 Watts
  • Line Frequency
    60 Hz
  • Line Voltage
    115 V
  • Power Requirements
    115 V - 60 Hz

Product Information

  • Brand
    Microsart® e.jet
  • Pack Size
  • Type of Pump
    Vacuum Pump
Rubber vacuum hose (1 m)


Thick-walled rubber hose for connecting filtration devices with system components such as vacuum pumps, etc.

Sound absorber for Microsart maxi.vac

Replacement kit for Microsart maxi.vac

Fine adjustment head, Microsart maxi.vac