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Microsart® ATMP Extraction

Microsart® ATMP Extraction kit introduces a state-of-the-art (DNA-free) method for DNA extraction from cell cultures and cell culture derived biologicals, like autologous transplants and other advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMP), for subsequent DNA amplification via PCR (e.g. Microsart ATMP Bacteria and Fungi qPCR Kits).

Item no.:  SMB95-2001

Price:  $765.00

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To achieve highest sensitivity and to avoid inhibitory effects in PCR testing, a DNA extraction is recommended. For most test materials, DNA extraction methods are available providing templates suitable for PCR. However, most of the DNA extraction kits available on the market are not free of microbial DNA contaminations. Microsart® ATMP Extraction introduces a unique DNA extraction method, which eliminates the risk of DNA contaminations, facilitating the detection of total bacteria and fungi in cell culture and ATMPs via PCR.


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Products for Microbiological Control
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User Manual

Microsart® Bacteria Extraction
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  • What you receive
    Reagents for 50 extractions


  • Application
    DNA Extraction
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