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Biosart® 250 Filtration Funnels

The Biosart® 250 Funnel has been specifically designed for microbiological and analytical quality assurance. Biosart® 250 are sterile funnels which allow fast filtration in routine microbiological analysis of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, water, food and beverages and other liquids. The large inner diameter ensures a high flow rate and the conical form allows for thorough rinsing. No liquid remains in the funnel.


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Biosart® 250 Funnels
50 Pieces
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Individually Packed


Biosart® 250 Funnels
50 Pieces
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The major area of application for Biosart® 250 Funnels is the microbiological analysis of relatively large sample volumes that have a low number of microbes, with membrane filtration being an essential step. In addition, the Biosart® 250 Funnels are also suitable for testing smaller volumes by placing the sample in a few ml of sterile physiological NaCl solution. Biosart® 250 Funnels have been specifically designed for microbiological testing of pharmaceuticals, food, beverages, water and other liquids. They are sterile, ready to use 250 ml plastic funnels and are designed to be placed onto the bases of a vacuum manifold. A Sartorius gridded membrane filter is placed on a stainless steel filter support. A Biosart® 250 Funnels is simply mounted and the sample is filtered. The funnel is made of polypropylene and is sufficiently elastic for optimal sealing with a bayonet-type closure. Graduations are marked at 50, 100, 150 and 200 ml for easy measurement of exact sample volumes. The large inner diameter ensures a high flow rate. The conical form allows a thorough rinsing of the system subsequent to filtration. No liquid is retained in the filter funnel. Biosart® 250 Funnels allow quick performance of the filtration steps required in the routine.

  • High total throughput
  • High flow rate
  • Sterile, individually, sterile packaged available
  • Use a new, sterile funnel for each test in order to avoid cross contamination
  • No more holding of hot funnels
  • The complete filtration is visible
  • Ready to connect, easy to use and practical handling features
  • Minimal amount of equipment
  • Can be autoclaved to a limited extent


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