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Sartobind® Sulfated Cellulose A4 Sheet

Sartobind® Sulfated Cellulose membranes are macroporous, cellulose-based membranes for pseudo-affinity chromatography of viruses.

Item no.:  94SC--04-001


* 72 Hours Turnaround Time

Sartobind Sulfated Cellulose membranes is designed for maximum virus accessibility to achieve high binding capacity, high selectivity and recovery. The pore structure enables a large binding surface for large molecules at adsorber typical flow rates. The selectivity and recovery is maximized by using a pseudo affinity ligand for capture of influenza and other virus targets as modified vaccinia Ankara virus.


  • Dimensions
    21 cm × 29.7 cm
  • Membrane Area
    624 cm²
  • Membrane Thickness
    275 µm


  • Reusable

General Specifications

  • Flow Rate
    >100 mL/cm² × min at 1 bar (14.5 psi)

Materials of Construction

  • Membrane Material
    Stabilised reinforced cellulose
  • Reinforcement Material

Operating Conditions

  • pH Stability
    pH 3 – 14 (short term), pH 4 – 13 (long term)

Physicochemical Information

  • Chemical Compatibility
    Stable in common chromatography buffers, unstable to peroxide and other oxidizing or reactive reagents
  • Ligand
    Sulfated cellulose
  • Ligand Density
    10 – 15 μeg/cm²
  • Pore Size
    0.8 µm
  • Reference Protein
    Influenza virus
  • Typical Dynamic Binding Capacity 10% per mL
    1 × 106 HAU*/mL

Product Information

  • Brand
  • Membrane Type
    Pseudo affinity membrane
  • Pack Size
  • What you receive
    • 1 sheet
    • 1 manual
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