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Cubis® MPS pipette calibration balance

Meet the Sartorius Cubis® MPS: The perfectly balanced system designed to reconcile all your needs for accuracy, precision, speed and convenience in pipette calibration.


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Cubis® MPS pipette calibration balance 6,1 g|0,001 mg
Item no.
Maximum Weighing Capacity
6.1 g
0.001 mg

For professional pipette calibration, you need the right balance – one that combines accuracy, precision, speed and convenience. Accuracy and precision to comply with international regulations.

Speed to meet requirements for cost- and time-efficient performance.

And convenience for working in a comfortable posture.

Does all this sound impossible? Not if you find the right balance.

Cubis® MPS offers you a perfectly balanced system:

  • High-precision gravimetric testing
  • Evaporation trap: stable humidity conditions inside the weighing chamber
  • Automated draft shield door: prevents evaporation for error-free measurements
  • Integrated humidity sensor: controls humidity inside the weighing chamber
  • White LED light: illumination of the full weighing area
  • Red LED light: instant alert if climate parameters are out of tolerance


Datasheet Service LPS Calibration DAkkS-17025-Balance
en 423.3 kB
Datasheet Service LPS Calibration ISO-Balance
en 410.6 kB
Datasheet Service LPS Calibration USP-Balance
en 406.1 kB
Datasheet Service LPS Calibration Weights
en 160.7 kB
Datasheet Service LPS Installation LabBalance
en 393.0 kB
Datasheet Service LPS IQ-OQ LabBalance
en 417.5 kB
Datasheet Service LPS Preventative Maintenance LabBalance
en 416.7 kB

User Manual

Cubis® Pipette Calibration System
en 8.3 MB