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Cubis® II Precision Balances

Cubis® II precision balances have a readability between 1 mg and 100 mg with a maximum weighing capacity 320 g up to 14,200 g. They are used to weigh medium to large sample amounts into vessels or containers that require a weighing capacity up to the kg range. They come equipped with a manual or automatic three-door glass draft shield. 

Stainless steel weighing pan size:   

  • Milligram balances - 140 x 140 mm 
  • Top-loader balances (readability between 10 mg and 100 mg) – 206 x 206 mm 

 Available options: 

  • integrated ionizer to eliminate interfering electrostatic charges on samples and sample containers 
  • flat draft shield made of stainless steel 



The modular weighing system Cubis® II can be individually configured from different components. The combinability of the display unit, weighing module, draft shield, software packages for various applications and functions and a comprehensive range of accessories allows the individual adaptation of the Cubis® II balance to all weighing tasks.

Request a quote now to speak with our sales team to configure your Cubis® II balance including software applications and accessories.

User Manual

Cubis®, MCA Models: Precision Balances
en 3.2 MB
Cubis®, MCE Models: Precision Balances
en 3.3 MB


  • Adjustment
    Internal, isoCAL
  • Balance Type
    Precision balance
  • Draft Shield
  • Leveling
  • Minimum Sample Weight according to USP (typical)
    820 mg – 820,000 mg
  • Operation
    Touch screen


  • Display
    Large high color touch TFT display (7" in 16:9 format for MCA)
  • Maximum Weighing Capacity
    320 g – 70200 g
  • Readability
    1 mg – 1000 mg
  • Weighing Pan Dimensions
    140 × 140 mm | 400 × 300 mm


  • Data Interface
    • Ethernet (for MCA balances only)
    • USB A
    • USB B
    • USB C
    • RS-232 9 Pin
    • peripheral connector for Sartorius accessories


  • Additional Product Specifications
    • S00 Standard version non-verified
    • all units
    • S01 Standard version non-verified
    • metric units only
    • CCN Balance with Type Approval Certificate for China
    • CEU Verified balance with EC Type Approval Certificate (for EU except France)
    • CFR Verified balance with EC Type Approval Certificate for France only
    • OBR Balance with Type Approval Certificate for Brazil
    • OIN Balance with Type Approval Certificate for India
    • OJP Balance with Type Approval Certificate for Japan
    • ORU Balance with Type Approval Certificate for Russia


  • Legal Verification
    Legal verification
  • Regulatory Requirements
    • ISO
    • GxP
    • FDA/USP
    • Verified