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Arium® Advance EDI Pure Water Systems

First-class Type 2 water: The arium® advance EDI Type 2 water system features the highest ion retention at rates of up to 10 l/h. Directly connected to your potable feed water source, this system consistently delivers pure water of the highest quality with a resistivity of 5 to 15 MΩ·cm. Its proprietary, patented electrodeionization technology (EDI), combined with its intelligent iJust software, optimises your water usage and ensures time- and labor-saving operation.


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Arium® Advance EDI Wall-Mounted Unit
Item no.
Water Dispensing Flow Rate (Type 1)
5 L/h
Installation Option
Arium® Advance EDI pure water systems
Item no.
Water Dispensing Flow Rate (Type 1)
10 L/h
Installation Option

The arium® advance EDI consistently delivers Type 2 water of the best quality at rates of up to 10 l/h. This system makes the best use of your valuable water resources by automatically optimizing water usage with its intelligent I-Just software. Moreover, the arium® advance EDI attains the highest retention rates of ions, while providing an optimum yield of purified water. As a result, the arium® advance EDI reliably removes oxidants, heavy metal ions and particulates from feed water.

Unlike conventional water purification systems, this arium®system is designed with you and your busy-day schedule in mind: its unique, touch-function display, along with intuitive menu navigation, takes out the guesswork and puts in total ease of operation.

Pure water produced by arium®advance EDI is stored in the unique, closed arium®bagtank system, which reliably protects your purified water from secondary contamination. This ensures that you obtain the best water quality and, therefore, reproducible results.

Standard Applications:

  • Pure water for preparation of microbiological media and reagents
  • Pure water for preparation of solutions for chemical analysis and synthesis
  • Histology
  • Pure water for preparation of buffers and pH solutions
  • Purification of feed water for laboratory instruments, such as autoclaves, glassware dishwashers, humidifiers, water baths, etc.


Compared with conventional water systems, the arium advance EDI with its iJust software makes the best use of your initial feed water conditions and water resources. Intelligent iJust enhances the quality of purified water, reduces water usage and calculates the optimal cleaning cycles for the system.

Display with Touch Function

Navigate easily and intuitively using the clearly structured arium® menu – a light touch on the display is all it takes for error-free control, even while you’re wearing gloves.

Major Advantages of arium® advance EDI:

The arium® integrates perfectly into your given space requirements in the lab, whether as a bench-top, wall-mounted or a built-in unit.

  • The highest Type 2 water quality at all times
  • Optimized, lean and green water usage
  • Guaranteed longer life of downstream ultrapure water systems
  • Total ease of use
  • High system flexibility to meet your specific needs

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arium® bagtank
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