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arium® mini

With arium® mini Sartorius presents a compact ultrapure water system which is specially designed for requirements of less than 10 liters per day. This space-saving unit with a width of only 28 centimeters (11 inches) easily integrates into nearly any lab environment. The closed bagtank system prevents secondary contamination while ensuring consistent long-term water quality.


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Sartorius presents the arium® mini, a compact ultrapure water series that is specially designed for Type 1 water requirements of about 10 liters per day. With the capacity to deliver ultrapure water at a rate of 1 L/min. and a width of only 28 cm (11 in.), this space-saving unit easily integrates into nearly any lab environment.

Choose between three different systems depending on your input water.

Standard arium® mini

The standard version of arium® mini is independent of a permanently installed water tap. Pretreated water is supplied from a container to the system via the integrated pump and is stored for further processing in the arium Bag. The water stored in this way then serves as feed water for the production of ultrapure water.

arium® mini plus

The arium® mini plus can be directly connected to a feed water tap. In this system, the water is treated first by a pre-treatment cartridge before it is safely stored intermediately in the integrated bag of the system. Final production of ultrapure water then takes place using a specially developed ion exchange purification cartridge.

arium® mini essential

The arium® mini essential, can be connected directly to a centralized/decentralized feed water supply (DI/RO/EDI). As this direct connection eliminates the need for storage of pretreated water, the system is independent of an internal storage option. The system produce directly ultrapure water from the water provided.

For analytical and especially critical applications, such as HPLC/UHPLC, all arium® mini systems can also be equipped with an optional integrated UV lamp (185/254 nm). This ensures reliable production of ultrapure water that is virtually free of organic components.