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Consumables package for Arium<sup>®</sup> Comfort I without UV|TOC

It is essential to regularly replace the consumables of your Arium® system in order to consistently ensure untainted water quality over long-term operation.

Our consumables packages and a consumables subscription ensure that consumables replacement and timely reordering of supplies don’t get overlooked.

Our practical consumables packages contain all consumables that need to be replaced in the coming quarter, custom-picked and prepared.

Item no.:  SB-12-03-0502


Consumables package for

  • Arium® Comfort I w/o UV|TOC: quarter 4

Included in the scope of delivery:

  • 3x Arium® Sterile Filter
  • 1x Arium® RO Cleaning Set
  • 1x Arium® Comfort Pre-Filter
  • 1x Arium® Comfort Kit