In-Line Stainless Steel Filter Holder, Filter Diameter 142 mm

Sartorius offers a broad range of application-based solutions that fits laboratory needs as well as analytical testing outside the laboratory. To ensure best results different housings guarantee a burdenless workflow using various chemicals and solutions. Combined with the extraordinary quality of our membranes we make sure to simplify the progress of filtration steps in a convenient, easy-to-use manner that is highly individualized. Aside of that, large scale sustainability issues occurring due to the massive amount of single-use products are being tackled as the filter holders are made to be easily rinsed and autoclaved and, therefore, excellently suited in repetitive analyses.

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This holder is very often used in laboratories for particle removal and for sterile filtration of several liters of volume. It has a stable construction and is easy to operate. The large filtration area of 130 cm2 ensures a high flow rate for the total filter volume. The supplied unscrewable hose nipples can be replaced by G3/8 connectors, if systems with particularly practical handling are required. The holder is designed for effective sterilization by autoclaving. The arrangement of the air-venting valve in the top plate and the test valve in the base plate ensures the necessary vapor penetration. The back pressure screen has a smooth surface in order to avoid damages to the membrane filters, and also when glass fiber prefilters are used. The swing-out locking clamps ensure a firm sealing simply by hand-tightening. If required, the silicone O-rings can be replaced by EPDM O-rings (order no. 6982071), Fluoroelastomer O-rings (6982070) or PTFE O-rings (6982072, reduce the max.operating pressure to 4 bar/58 psi) and the Fluoroelastomer valve O-rings by EPDM O-rings (6985184) or silicone O-rings (6985183).