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PlatinumLINE PY-P27-2S Speartip

PlatinumLINE Electrodes Fast and accurate results with high quality materials, low resistance A type glass membrane or unique Platinum junctions with patented Ag/AgCl reference system

Item no.:  PY-P27-2S

Price:  $355.00

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Superior Sensor give you Precise Results. Electrochemical analysis is one of the most frequent and demanding tasks in daily lab routines. Sartorius understands that measurements will differ based on compositions, temperatures, conductivities and viscosities of samples and it is these different conditions that set our electrodes apart from the rest. Whether for ultrapure water, jam, wine, TRIS Buffers, or drinking water, Sartorius has the right superior and dependable electrode for your sample types and application workflows. PlatinumLINE is our most robust and diverse electrode family that offer variety of electrode typse to fit all your unique sample types with superior construction, dependable designe and accurate performance.

  • The widest selection of choice. PlatinumLINE electrodes Sartorius will meet any and all of your unique samples types and application requirements.
  • Patented junction set sensors apart from the rest. Reduce and/or eliminate metal ion contamination and chelation. Ultimately minimizes damage to sensors, elongating the life of the electrodes, saving time and money. Increase productivity and mitigate faulty measurements.
  • The highest quality materials result in better precision and accuracy. The low resistance type A glass membranes are a perfect example of where quality materials interact with samples with less interference, yielding both speed and accuracy.
  • Liquid electrolyte electrodes with unique platinum junction and refill port slider for easier refilling and less evaporation of the electrolyte. Air flush cap system prevents clogs from forming.
  • Individual serial number on each electrode for clear identification.
  • Flexibility and convenience. Electrodes are available with integrated temperature sensors (ATC) or we have a separate temperature probe.
  • TRIS Compatibility and Impervious models available for Biological applications.

Biological Information

  • Electrolyte Filling Solution
    Gel Polymer


  • Components
    • Electrode
    • Manual
    • 50mL refill bottle

Connections (Physical)

  • Connectors
  • Reference Junctions
    Single Patented Sealed


  • Cable Length
    1 m
  • Diameter
    ⌀ 15 mm / 5 mm
  • Overall Length
    Head Length: 50 mm ; Shaft Length: 90(25/65)


  • Temperature Compensation

Materials of Construction

  • Reference Junction Material

Physicochemical Information

  • Reference System

Product Information

  • Electrode, Sensor, or Cell Type
  • Primary Product Type
    Electrodes, Sensors & Cells
  • Tip Type


  • Electrode Material
1000 Buffer Kit 4,7,10
1000 Buffer Kit 4,7,10
Item no.:   PY-B1L-2S


pH-buffer solutions and ready-to-use buffers for pH-calibration as well as storage solutions, cleaning solutions and electrolyte solutions for the pH-storage. The 500 ml application bottle assures the singular usage of the dosage necessary for the pH-calibration.

Electrode Electrolyte refilling and storage solution


pH-buffer solutions and ready-to-use technical buffers for pH-calibration. The 250 and 1000 ml buffer kits of 4,7,10 color code assures the ability to singular dose necessary amount for daily pH-calibration routines. 50ml bottle of 3M KCI is required electrolyte refilling and the recommed storaging solution for all our pH electrodes.

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1000 Buffer Kit 4,7,10

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