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Centrisart G-16 Benchtop Centrifuge

A high-capacity, low profile, quiet, non-refrigerated , bench top centrifuge with high speed options capable of utilizing multiple and vessel types for use in both low to high throughput applications.

Item no.:  G-16-1EU


  • Optimum combination - Rotors for Sartorius VivaSpin® filtration units
  • Safety – Optional program protection against unauthorized use or modification
  • Smart Control – Setting all run parameters using just one control knob
  • Volume | Capacity: 4 × 400 ml | 1,600 ml

The benchtop centrifuge Centrisart G-16 was especially developed for high throughput applications that require large capacity. The choice of five fixed-angle and two swing-out rotors with different adapters facilitates the centrifugation of virtually all vessel types between 0.2 ml to 400 ml. The high capacity is perfectly suited for cell harvesting in the field of cell culture or fermentation or for high-throughput applications in molecular biology or protein purification. In addition to providing high flexibility of different rotors and accessories the benchtop centrifuge features a maximum speed up to 15,300 rpm and is well-suited for many lab applications.

The ergonomic design of the centrifuge Centrisart G-16 simplifies sample loading and unloading and programming. The splash-proof user interface can be operated with gloves and allows the setting of all important operation parameters using a single knob. The memory capacity of 50 programs offers enough space to permanently store different methods. Saved programs can be protected by a program-lock from unauthorized use or modification. For further protection of samples the choice between each 10 acceleration and braking curves prevents churning up of sensitive material.

Benchtop centrifuge Centrisart G-16 stands out due to a notable number of safety features. Biosafe lids for swing-out rotors and hermetically sealing lids for fixed-angle rotors are aerosol-tight and effectively prevent the spread of hazardous aerosols. The rotor chamber made of stainless steel and the rotors exhibit high resistance to various chemical substances and can easily be cleaned and decontaminated. In addition, the integrated rotor- and imbalance detection securely preclude exceeding of the permitted maximum rotor speed and acceleration of asymmetrically loaded to a critical speed.

  • Setting run parameters through just one control knob
  • Splash-proof keypad with clear display
  • Backlit keys with tactile feedback
  • Operation with gloves possible
  • Automatic conversion of speed and RCF
  • Speed 100-15,300 rpm, adjustable in steps of 100 rpm
  • Max. gravitational field (RCF) 21,460 g, adjustable in increments of 10 x g
  • Time 10 sec. - 99 min., adjustable in steps of 1 sec., short run, continuous run
  • Optional runtime counting after reaching the set speed
  • Automatic rotor and imbalance detection
  • Cycle counter
  • Optional soft start or soft stop adjustable in 10 steps
  • Memory for 50 programs
  • Optional activation of input or program lock
  • Maintenance-free motor
  • Motorized lid lock, easy lid opening by pneumatic spring support
  • Emergency lid lock release with no need to open the casing to access
  • High chemical resistance
  • Pleasantly quiet operation


Centrisart® Centrifuges — The Ultimate Speed. Maximum Reliability.
en 11.3 MB


Centrisart® G-16 — All Purpose Centrifuge
en 157.1 kB

User Manual

Centrisart® G-16
en 1.1 MB


  • Dimensions WxDxH
    460 × 600 × 355 mm


  • Cooling
  • Display
    Concise display, backlit keys
  • Lid
    Inspection window for independent speed measurement
  • Maximum Number of Programs
  • Rotor Detection

General Specifications

  • Acceleration Curves
  • Deceleration Curves
  • Maximum Gravitational Force
    21,460 g
  • Minimum Effective Speed
    200 RPM
  • Noise Level at Maximum Speed (approximate)
    < 57 dB
  • Timer Range
    0:00:10 – 99:99:59 hh:mm:ss, short run & continuous run

Operating Conditions

  • Maximum Speed
    15,300 RPM
  • Maximum Volume Capacity
    4 × 400 mL

Power Requirements

  • Line Voltage
    • 220 – 240 V, 50 – 60 Hz [EU]
    • 50 – 60 Hz [EU]
  • Power Consumption
    500 W

Product Information

  • Brand
    Centrisart G-16
Fixed angle rotor 4 x 80|85 ml


Fixed angle rotor for 4 x 80|85 ml round bottom culture tubes (Ø 38 x 112 mm), incl. hermetically sealing aluminium lid
For model G-26C: Max. rpm 20,000, max. RCF 40,695

Rotor wrench (size 10)
Item no.

Motor shaft seal
Item no.

Power board (230V)
Item no.

Functional knob
Item no.

Brake resistor
Item no.

Collet chuck screw complete

Item no.

Motor bellow
Item no.

Interference suppression coil

Marine grease for upper bearing, 250ml

Motor complete
Item no.

Tachogenerator board
Item no.

Imbalance switch
Item no.

Hook for lid lock
Item no.

Magnet of tacho
Item no.

Slushing oil, 20ml
Item no.

Motor suspension elem. -only change set

Motor cover
Item no.

Flange for motor shaft seal

Fastening element for pneumatic spring

Lid lock (230V)
Item no.

Grease for load-bearing bolts