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Centrisart® A-14C Refrigerated Micro-Centrifuge & Rotor YCSR-A1C

A high-performance, space-saving, refrigerated micro-centrifuge ideally suited for applications in molecular biology ranging from nucleic acid isolation to cell pelleting.

Item no.:  A-14C-1US

Price:  $5,300.00

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  • Optimum combination - Rotors for Sartorius VivaSpin® units
  • Sample protection – Reliable sample cooling to 4 °C at max. speed
  • Compact – Very small footprint (27 x 24 cm)
  • Volume | Capacity: 24 × 2 ml | 48 ml

The microcentrifuge Centrisart® A-14C is extremely compact and space-saving. The powerful centrifuge provides a maximum speed of 15,000 rpm and a capacity of 24 × 2 ml. Microcentrifuge A-14C is ideal suited for nucleic acid isolation and purification using spin-columns and concentrating biological samples using Sartorius Vivaspin® 500 units. The special Vivaspin® 500 tailored rotor YCSR-A1C supports sample concentration by ultrafiltration, e.g. of antibody solutions, sample desalting or buffer exchange and removal of contaminations with small or very large molecular weights. In addition, with the microcentrifuge A-14C cells or particles in small volumes can be sedimented. The unit is equipped with large control buttons and easy to read display, which makes it simple and convenient to operate.

Thanks to its small size the microcentrifuge Centrisart® A-14C fits on any laboratory bench. The low height and the motorized lid lock ensure convenient sample loading and removal. Upon a gentle push the lid closes automatically and on completion it is unlocked by a single key stroke. With just one finger, the lid can be opened, is held by a spring mechanism in the open position and cannot fall. The electronic lid lock prevents accidental lid opening during the operation to give additional protection to the user.

The microcentrifuge Centrisart® A-14C has exceptional product quality and meets the highest safety requirements. The quality is reflected for example in the low noise level of max. 53 dB and the chemical resistance of the materials used. The rotor cover with quick-locking prevents the spread of aerosols and both the rotor chamber and the rotors are easy to clean. For temperature-sensitive samples, the active cooling option of the microcentrifuge Centrisart® A-14C can be used. The pre-cool function aid the rapid cool down to the set target temperature and even at maximum speed the model A-14C ensures reliable sample cooling to 4 ° C.

  • Splash-proof keypad with clear display
  • Keys with tactile feedback
  • Operation with gloves possible
  • Automatic conversion of speed and RCF
  • Speed 200-15,000 min-1, adjustable in steps of 100 min-1
  • Max. gravitational field (RCF) 16,602 g, adjustable in increments of 10 x g
  • Time 10 sec. - 99 min, adjustable in steps of 1 sec, short run, continuous run
  • Memory for 10 programs
  • Temperature range -10 - 40 ° C, adjustable in steps of 1 ° C
  • Reliable sample cooling to 4 ° C even at max. rpm
  • Rapid pre-cooling mode
  • Optional soft start or soft stop
  • Memory of the last setting
  • An air-driven cooled rotor chamber
  • Maintenance-free motor
  • Motorized lid lock, automatic lid release
  • Emergency lid lock release
  • Ergonomic operation of the lid with one finger
  • High chemical resistance
  • Pleasantly quiet operation


Centrisart® Centrifuges — The Ultimate Speed. Maximum Reliability.
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Centrisart® A-14C — Micro-Centrifuge
en 136.2 kB

User Manual

Centrisart® A-14C
en 929.5 kB


  • Dimensions (W×D×H)
    273 × 515 × 236 mm
  • Height with Open Lid
    404 mm


  • Cooling
  • Cooling Programs
    Precooling, guaranteed 4° C at max. speed
  • Display
    Concise display
  • Lid
    Inspection window for independent speed measurement
  • Maximum Number of Programs
  • Rotor Detection
  • Timer
    0:00:10 – 99:99:59 hh:mm:ss, short run & continuous run

Operating Conditions

  • Maximum Speed
    15,000 RPM
  • Maximum Volume Capacity
    24 × 2 mL

Power Requirements

  • Line Voltage
    100 – 120 V, 50 – 60 Hz [US]
  • Power Consumption
    230 W

Product Information

  • Rotor Type
    Fixed angle rotors


  • Acceleration Curves
  • Deceleration Curves
  • Maximum Gravitational Force
    16,602 × g
  • Minimum Effective Speed
    200 RPM
  • Noise Level at Maximum Speed (approximate)
    53 dB
  • Temperature Range
    -10°C – +40°C


  • Weight
    19 kg
Centrisart® A-14C Refrigerated Micro-Centrifuge & Rotor YCSR-A1C


A high-performance, space-saving, refrigerated micro-centrifuge ideally suited for applications in molecular biology ranging from nucleic acid isolation to cell pelleting.

Fixed angle rotor 12 x 1.5|2.0 ml


Fixed angle rotor made of polypropylene for 12 x 1.5|2.0 ml conical reaction tubes or 12 x Vivaspin® 500, incl. polysulfone lid YCSR-A1C

Fixed angle rotor 24 x 1.5|2.0 ml


Fixed angle rotor for 24 x 1.5|2.0 ml conical reaction tubes, incl. polysulfone lid YCSM-A1B

Rotor fastening nut
Rotor fastening nut
Item no.:   69CE0002

Slushing oil, 20ml
Slushing oil, 20ml
Item no.:   69CE0003

Fuse 6.3 AT/120V (2pcs)
Fuse 6.3 AT/120V (2pcs)
Item no.:   69CE0005

Motor bellow
Motor bellow
Item no.:   69CE0018

Insulating disc of the motor
Insulating disc of the motor
Item no.:   69CE0020

Item no.:   69CE0028

Buffer with sand washer
Buffer with sand washer
Item no.:   69CE0030

Display board
Display board
Item no.:   69CE0043

Sensor board
Sensor board
Item no.:   69CE0044

Microswitch power board
Microswitch power board
Item no.:   69CE0077

Fuse link
Fuse link
Item no.:   69CE0079

Operating foil
Operating foil
Item no.:   69CE0087

Fan 120V
Fan 120V
Item no.:   69CE0091

Mains cable (US)
Mains cable (US)
Item no.:   69CE0109

Speed sensor
Speed sensor
Item no.:   69CE0115

Lid lock complete
Lid lock complete
Item no.:   69CE0125

Connection cable 6-channel
Connection cable 6-channel
Item no.:   69CE0140

Filter dryer
Filter dryer
Item no.:   69CE0144

Compressor 110V
Compressor 110V
Item no.:   69CE0155

Hinge bolt
Hinge bolt
Item no.:   69CE0175

Housing for speed sensor
Housing for speed sensor
Item no.:   69CE0176

Lid spring
Lid spring
Item no.:   69CE0186

Item no.:   69CE0187

Covering for lid lock
Covering for lid lock
Item no.:   69CE0192

Foot of casing
Foot of casing
Item no.:   69CE0218

Item no.:   69CE0223

Optimized small scale SUTFF processing

The Allegro CM150 Auto TMP control is a single-use tangential flow filtration (SUTFF) semi-automated system designed for pilot or small scale process ultrafiltration and diafiltration (UF/DF) applications at 2-20 L batch volumes.

The system layout is optimized for a low minimum recirculation loop, to ensure final target volumes can be achieved and provide excellent product recovery.

The programmable logic controller (PLC) based control system ensures easy operation and monitoring of UF applications, constant volume diafiltration, and provides real-time trending and data logging capabilities.

  • Designed for ease of use
  • Single-use sensors – Pressure, flow, conductivity, temperature, ultraviolet (UV)
  • Low feed / retentate volume ~100 mL
  • Excellent product recovery
  • 0.1 – 0.4 m2 cassette area

System Functionality

Scalability of performance is critical in developing tangential flow filtration (TFF) processes. The Allegro CM150 system is designed for use in small scale good manufacturing practice (GMP) manufacture and for process development activities, to generate scalable data. Continuity of single-use component choice and design approach across our system range provides reliable scale up from Allegro CM150 system to the larger scale Allegro SUTFF systems.

The system offers the flexibility needed for single-use processing. The base system can run with just pressure and flow sensors or utilize the additional optional sensors for conductivity, temperature and UV, depending on the process requirements. The base system accommodates this flexibility, and base systems can be upgraded later if additional features are needed for new projects.


  • Single-use sensors
    • Pressure: Feed and retentate
    • Flow: Retentate
    • Temperature: Feed (optional)
    • Conductivity: Permeate (optional)
    • UV: Permeate (optional)
  • Transmembrane pressure (TMP) control
    • Manual pinch valve
    • Automatic pinch valve
  • Tray for retentate biocontainer assemblies: 5 L and 10 L
    • Adjustable tray comes to lower position for easy installation of the biocontainer assembly, and is then moved to the upper position for processing
  • Accessory biocontainers and bespoke trolley

* Contact your sales representative for more detailed information

Control System

The Allegro CM150 offers automatic transmembrane pressure as well as retentate biocontainer weight control. The diafiltration pump can be set to automatically control the pump speed to maintain a constant mass in the retentate biocontainer according to the defined input weight.

Automated TMP Control Valve
The integration of a Transmembrane pressure (TMP) control valve offers the following benefits:

  1. Improved process control and reproducibility.
  2. Prevent high protein wall concentrations (polarization) or fouling.
  3. Minimized human error due to manual operation.

Automated Weight Control:
The diafiltration pump speed can automatically be controlled, to maintain a constant retentate biocontainer weight. This can be used for Diafiltration as well as for Product fed batch during concentration.

All process values are shown in the piping and installation diagram (P&ID) based operator interface. The main screen indicates all process signals as well as system/ component status.

The header bar clearly indicates the current user logged into the system, and provides the operator with navigation buttons to other areas of the control system.

A wireless link to a tablet, smartphone or PC enables remote viewing of the system screen and wireless transfer of data files.

The control software is designed for flexible and user friendly control of tangential flow filtration processes, providing the following key features:

  • P&ID based user interface with dynamic flow path
  • Retentate biocontainer weight controller
  • Transmembrane pressure controller
  • Full security access to configuration settings screens
  • Real-time trending
  • Data logging with data transfer in comma separated value (CSV) or line-delimited format
  • 3 level user login, user administration and password control