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Container for anaerobic incubation


1 Piece

Stainless steel container with metal insert for convenient insertion and removal of Petri dishes.

School kit for environmental microbiology
School kit for environmental microbiology
Item no.: 24002 Discontinued
Animal Components
CSA Compliant
Harmonized Tariff Schedule
Electrical / Battery item
Petri Dishes, 60 mm
Petri Dishes, 60 mm
Item no.: 14311--60------N


100 Pieces

Cardboard discs and petri dishes - pre-sterilized in plastic magazines, suitable for the corresponding dispenser

Prefilter attachment, stainless steel


1 Piece

Allows the separation of coarse solids from samples with bacteriological germ detection in a single operation, before and during the actual germ-retaining filtration step.

Microsart e.jet Fluid Pump 4L/min


1 Piece
Microsart® e.jet
Line Voltage
100 – 240 V
Type of Pump
Liquid Transfer Pump